Stress free

Trying new foods is stressful for dogs—and you. We did the obsessive research needed to save you time and give you peace of mind you made the best choice for your dog.

  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Third party
  • Backed by
    clinical studies

Why delivers more

We deliver the best food, nutrition support and meal plan created by holistic veterinary nutritionists for your dog's optimal health.

We did the hard work

Our food was vigorously formulated from 250 clinical studies tying specific ingredients to better health outcomes, and we protect the beneficial nutrients with no additives.

Get premium nutrition

We make our proprietary superfood and toppers to your high standards: sustainable GMO-free ingredients, USDA-approved fresh meat, and premium air-dried quality.

Gut health by breed

All dogs have differences. From allergies and sensitive tummies to breed specific needs—we curate your dog’s meal plan like a veterinary nutritionist would.

The best personalized nutrition

Curating your dog’s unique nutrition plan has never been easier with our recommendation platform built with veterinarian-class data analytics. Say goodbye to generic dog food and hello to a healthy, happy pup with yumwoof’s personalized nutrition plans.


of logo customers say our food helped their dogs and they had fewer vet visits.

  • Skin Allergy
  • Yeast Infections
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Fewer Vet Visits

"Perfect Kibble resolved my dog's skin allergies. They went away entirely after 4 weeks. Great ingredients and she clearly loves the taste.” — Sam G.

Verified Buyer paw

”Yumwoof’s products worked quickly when my dog had diarrhea last year. He’s been eating yumwoof ever since and continues to maintain healthy digestion. ” —Jen M.

Verified Buyer paw

"As the CEO of a personal wellness company, I care about my dog's health as much as my own. Yumwoof's ingredients are all the ones I’d eat too.” — Ben S.

Verified Buyer paw

Make Your Dog Happy

Discover logo air dried dog food and science-backed toppers. All products are GMO-free with meat from USDA facilities.

New book

Is Your Dog Eating Longevity Foods?

Food is medicine. Our founder's book reveals a simple way to increase your dog's lifespan naturally—with the same superfats we use in logo dog food.

For future generations
Join in nourishing your dog and the planet. Every order plants a tree and ships carbon neutral in sustainable packaging
A tree is planted with every order
Biodegradable bags
Recyclable jars
Carbon neutral shipping


See improvement in 21 days, or work with our nutritionists to find the right food. If we don’t, we’ll give you your money back.


Start your dog’s personalized diet and see better health in 21 days.

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