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Join Yumwoof's part-time sales team and earn income

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Earn commissions by placing flyers locally

Join our mission of extending the healthspan of all dogs by becoming a Yumwoof Sales Leader.

How does it work?

Place Yumwoof flyers in pet adoption clinics, shelters, groomers, breeders, pet stores and veterinarian clinics.

When pet parents scan the flyer's unique QR code and make a Yumwoof purchase, you'll earn $20 for each new customer.

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Your dog food business

This new partner program makes it easy to participate in the $100 billion pet food industry, and we provide everything you need to get started.

Best of all, you can know that you're doing something meaningful by helping make the dogs in your community healthier.

Create a healthier world

Just like humans, dogs are healthiest when they eat a low carb diet consisting of minimally processed whole ingredients. This is the core belief behind our AAFCO complete recipes.

All of our premium products have fresh meat from USDA inspected facilities and non-GMO ingredients. Our natural recipes are specifically made with gut health benefits in mind. 

What happens next

When you sign up, you'll receive a personalized discount code and QR code. We'll automatically create a flyer for you that looks like this 👇

Example of personalized flyer

Print it out and place it (with permission) in local stores.

When someone uses your code and makes a purchase, you'll earn $20.

How much can I make?

There's virtually no limit to how much you can make. The more stores you get flyers into, the higher your potential.

For every 100 new customers your flyers bring in—you'll make $2,000.

Order 500 flyers with my code on them now 👉

How to boost your profits

When you invite others to this program, you'll get a percent of their sales too without any extra work.

You can also split comissions with partners too.

What's in it for your partners?

They'll earn a comission too! This is a way for your partners to increase their income without having to hold any inventory.

Apply to sell Yumwoof

We are currently accepting applications for Yumwoof Sales Leaders. You'll work directly with our CEO Jaron Lukas, who will train you and help you.

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