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Affiliate Partner Starter Pack

Affiliate Partner Starter Pack

Earn affiliate income. Order 500 flyers with your custom QR code.
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20 lbs

How much should I order?

Your dog needs 2 bags/mo.

This affilate partner starter pack contains 500 flyers (4"x 6") with your own custom affiliate QR code on them.

Place them in local pet adoption clinics, shelters, groomers, breeders, pet stores and veterinarian clinics.

How it works: Every time a new customer scans your custom QR code or uses your custom affiliate link, you'll earn $20 when they make a purchase on yumwoof.com.

Bonus: As part of our Yumwoof Sales Leader program, you'll also get a free one-on-one meeting with our CEO Jaron Lukas who will guide you on next steps to building a profitable side business.

These flyers are the first step in building passive income in the $100 billion pet food industry.

If you believe in Yumwoof's products and think you can find locations to place these flyers around your city, then this is a simple way to earn side income.

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