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Yumwoof On-The-Go Food Bar for Dogs

Yumwoof On-The-Go Food Bar for Dogs

Give your dog the best food on the planet.
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Order Yumwoof and let your dog decide.

Yumwoof food bars are the superfood meal you can easily feed your dog on-the-go. They're made of the same healthy recipe as our Perfect Kibble, made with just 10 superfood ingredients. 

Every bar is a full on-the-go entrée that givesd your little friend the essential nutrients they need to live their best and fullest life.


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Feed Fido anywhere with the #1 on-the-go meal for dogs.

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Created by dog lovers featured in...

The perfect meal for all your outings.

Extreme endurance for a life filled with adventure. ✔ A complete meal ✔ 10 Superfood Ingredients ✔ 10g Protein ✔ Human Grade Recipe ✔ Gluten Free & GMO Free

Yummy crust with a chewy center. Our recipe combines nutritionists' recommendations with fresh food technology. Our research led us to goji berries, which may prevent the growth of cancer cells, reduce blood glucose and lower cholesterol. Click below to read more about NowBars health benefits.

10 superfood ingredients supported by science.

Learn why our recipe is scientifically better for your dog

All ingredients are sourced and manufactured in the USA  🇺🇸

What's inside NowBars

Delicious recipe with 10 pure ingredients

NowBars is made of a simple recipe containing all-natural, human grade ingredients that give your dog nutrients proven to help them thrive.

Healthy and delicious mix of berries and superfoods galore

We worked with top veterinarians, nutritionists and pet health experts to identify the top superfoods for dogs. Then we packed our research into a daily meal.

A full serving of protein

These aren't just a snack. Each NowBar is a meal replacement with a full serving of protein you can feed your dog at home or on-the-go every day.

Recyclable packaging

All of our packaging we use is recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Help the world go green!

What does it taste like?

The outer layer tastes like a delicious cracker, while the inside tastes like a creamy and savory filling. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!
Every NowBar is made with human-grade food cooked in USDA kitchens with nutrition that exceeds industry standards. (AAFCO)