Best Online Vet: My #1 Pick After Comparing Them All

Hey it's Jaron Lukas, the CEO of yumwoof!

Do you have 3 veterinarians? I do.

Beyond our holistic vet and our in-person vet for emergencies, I recently added a 3rd veterinarian to my dog Sherlock's "team."

You may wonder why I would do this. I mean… aren’t 2 vets enough?

Well, like you, I’m a busy dog parent. 

Going to a vet clinic takes a lot of time—including travel, waiting, and the appointment itself. 

That's not easy to fit into my packed schedule. And usually my dog doesn’t need an in-person visit.

That's why I started using The Vets as my 3rd veterinarian for virtual telehealth visits. And they have been a lifesaver!

I compared The Vets with other services like Dutch, Vetster and Bond—and they came out on top for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of them below:

Reason #1:
The Vets was the most responsive to my inquiries, and I was able to get all the questions I needed answered fast. As someone who tends to take more of a holistic approach to things, I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with the vets they have on staff.

Reason #2:
The Vets had the most experienced veterinarians of all the platforms I compared them with. Dutch, Vetster and Bond all had good vets too, but The Vets definitely had the best overall.

Reason #3:
The Vets has very wide coverage across the world, which I love since we travel with our a lot around the world. Even if you don't travel much—you can rest assured that The Vets has you covered where you are.

Because I love The Vets, I asked them for a special discount code to share with the Yumwoof community. They agreed :)

The code YUMWOOF50 will get you $50 off your first appointment!

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Here's a few reasons you'll want to try The Vets:

  • Save time. The Vets will bring the clinic-level expertise into your home.
  • Expert care. You get access to the top veterinarians in the country, so you aren’t limited to the care in your area.
  • Got lots of dogs? Save money. If you have a whole pack at home, no worries! You can book a single at-home visit for all of them. 
  • On your schedule, no waits. You can choose any time that fits perfectly into your time and lifestyle.

I encourage you to visit The Vets for yourself and see why they’re such a lifesaver. There’s no risk either.

If your dog needs a checkup, is healthy or has a health issue—don't miss out on this opportunity to get $50 off.

Give your dog the stress-free, quality care they deserve by booking your first at-home vet visit on their website.

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P.S. Be sure to use the code YUMWOOF50 to get $50 off!Stay pawsome,
Jaron Lukas - CEO

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