Farm fresh nutrition

Finding dog food meeting all your pup's needs can make you feel like a dog chasing its tail. is backed by research with ingredients to maximize your dog’s lifespan. Our top priority—we keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

Clean Ingredients, Clean Bowls
Our veterinarian and chef-designed recipes are as good for your dog as they are delicious. You'll love our healthy, human-grade ingredients—we skip the fillers.
Perfect Superfood
  1. Nose-to-tail animal meats
  2. No synthetics
  3. Grain-free
Wild Caught Fish
Organ Meats
Whole Eggs
Organic Coconut Oil
Rose Hip
Perfect Kibble
  1. Soft & Chewy
  2. 16% carbs
  3. Grain-inclusive
Fresh Meat
Whole Eggs
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Flaxseed
Gluten-Free Oats
Perfect Dog Food Mix
  1. DIY fresh food
  2. Low carb
  3. Most affordable
Coconut Flour
Vitamins & Minerals
Organic Inulin
Hemp Hearts

Air-dried dog food

It's our thing.

We invented air-dried dog food because the cooking process retains the natural nutrients in food more than any other method. That's why yumwoof recipes have 13% vitamins and minerals—from the natural ingredients we use.

Our healthy secret.

Yumwoof skips the seed oils

We use Cocomega™ superfats instead. And the benefit is more years with your dog.
Seed oils are bad for dogs.
Our food is free from seed oils as they promote inflammation, contain harmful free radicals, and contribute to poor health
Cocomega™ boosts healthspan.
With yumwoof, you get anti-inflammatory Cocomega™ superfats that boost your dog's health for life.
And we wrote the book on it.
In case you're the type who likes scientific proof, we wrote the book on the Cocomega™ effect discovery.

Why delivers more

We deliver the best food, nutrition support and meal plan created by holistic veterinary nutritionists for your dog's optimal health.

We did the hard work

Our food was vigorously formulated from 250 clinical studies tying specific ingredients to better health outcomes, and we protect the beneficial nutrients with no additives.

Get premium nutrition

We make our proprietary superfood and toppers to your high standards: sustainable GMO-free ingredients, USDA-approved fresh meat, and premium air-dried quality.

Gut health by breed

All dogs have differences. From allergies and sensitive tummies to breed specific needs—we curate your dog’s meal plan like a veterinary nutritionist would.

The best personalized nutrition

Curating your dog’s unique nutrition plan has never been easier with our recommendation platform built with veterinarian-class data analytics. Say goodbye to generic dog food and hello to a healthy, happy pup with yumwoof’s personalized nutrition plans.


of logo customers say our food helped their dogs and they had fewer vet visits.

  • Skin Allergy
  • Yeast Infections
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Fewer Vet Visits

"Perfect Kibble resolved my dog's skin allergies. They went away entirely after 4 weeks. Great ingredients and she clearly loves the taste.” — Sam G.

Verified Buyer paw

”Yumwoof’s products worked quickly when my dog had diarrhea last year. He’s been eating yumwoof ever since and continues to maintain healthy digestion. ” —Jen M.

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"As the CEO of a personal wellness company, I care about my dog's health as much as my own. Yumwoof's ingredients are all the ones I’d eat too.” — Ben S.

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Make Your Dog Happy

Discover logo air dried dog food and science-backed toppers. All products are GMO-free with meat from USDA facilities.

Better value.


Skip the fridge but never the nutrition. Air-dried dog food is convenient and delicious for your dog—with serious savings for you.

25% Off All Orders, Every Order.
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Seed oils are high in omega-6, which are fats that promote inflammation in your dog. Common seed oils in dog food include sunflower oil, safflower oil and canola oil. Because they oxidize easily, turning into harmful free radicals which destroy cells, seed oils may reduce your dog’s expected lifespan. We keep your dog healthy by using anti-inflammatory Cocomega superfats instead, which are linked to a longer lifespan in dogs. You can read more about the Cocomega effect in our founder’s book.

Yes, we only use non-GMO ingredients in yumwoof food. Alarmingly, mounting research links exposure to the pesticide glyphosate used in GMO crops to an increased risk of cancer. As the family behind yumwoof, we are individuals who avoid GMO ingredients in our own diet—and we want the same nutrition for our dogs too!

Yes, evidence shows natural food can help your dog live several years longer. We have a saying at yumwoof: “There is no such thing as a non-inflammatory dry kibble!” But why? Unfortunately, its hot extrusion cooking method oxidizes that fats inside—turning them into harmful free radicals which worsen allergies, digestive issues, joint pain and obesity. On the other hand, yumwoof’s air-dried food is made with human-grade ingredients and prepared using a low temperature cooking method to retain the natural nutrients in our food and keep the fats anti-inflammatory. That’s why dogs who switch to yumwoof from dry kibble usually see real health improvements within 21 days.

While we love all varieties of natural food, a problem with most fresh and raw dog food is they cut corners on ingredients. We encourage you to compare our ingredients and decide for yourself. We bet you’ll find seed oils, peas, legumes, rice, potatoes and other inflammatory fillers in competing products. Not only that, but fresh brands often contain 40% to 50% net carbs—which can lead to insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes over time. While the 6:1 omega (6-to-3) ratio of fresh food is better than the 16:1 ratio found in dry kibble, it is still pro-inflammatory and falls short of yumwoof’s almost perfect 1:1 ratio. Perfect Kibble by yumwoof is made with balanced superfats proven to promote the Cocomega™ effect in your dog—healing inflammation and linked to longevity. You don’t need to refrigerate our air-dried food, either, making it way more convenient for our pet parents.

When you take yumwoof’s personalization quiz, the meal plan we recommend for your dog is based on our extensive research on the top health issues associated with each dog breed. Based on your answers, yumwoof provides a custom meal plan made to address any current health issues and prevent identified long-term risks. At the end of our quiz, you will be recommended the best air-dried food for your dog, as well as toppers to tailor their meal plan. Because we want you to be able to make sure our food is a fit for your dog, you will also receive 30% off your first trial order.

Yes, yumwoof offers a 21 day money-back guarantee on your first bag. You will see improvement in 21 days, or you can work with our nutritionists to find the right food. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll refund your money back. If your pup is a picky eater, we recommend trying our Picky Eater Starter Pack.

Start your dog’s personalized diet and see better health in 21 days.

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