5 Reasons The Cocomega™ Book Can Help Your Dog Live Longer

Introducing new research

If prescription or holistic diets have not healed your dog—then read The Canine Cocomega Effect by our founder, Jaron Lukas. In this book, Lukas offers a new perspective on why these diets fail and presents an alternative path to naturally improve your dog's skin issues, itching, diabetes, diarrhea and inflammation for good.


Top 5 reasons veterinary nutrition experts want you to try Cocomega!

1. Cocomega Stops Dog Inflammation At Its Source: The Microbiome

Digestive issues, skin allergies, scratching, weight gain and even diabetes are actually symptoms of inflammation rooted in the gut microbiome. The Cocomega effect heals the root cause of it.

2. Cocomega Modulates Dog Gut Health for Longevity

In this book, you will learn how the Cocomega effect naturally increases *microbiome diversity* to extend your dog's expected lifespan. And another reason why Cocomega is superior to raw diets.

3. Fewer Vet Bills: Cocomega Is The Ultimate Money Saver

Many pet parents have been able to reduce their need for expensive medicine simply by incorporating Cocomega nutrition into their dog's daily diet. This book teaches you the easy method to benefit from it too.

4. Cocomega Really Works — And It Is Backed By 162 Clinical Studies 

This book explores new research on a powerful synergy coconut oil and omega-3s have on each other, modulating their anti-inflammatory effects. Learn how to apply the method we use to formulate yumwoof food.

5. Cocomega May Improve Your Gut Health Too

While this book is about dogs, the Cocomega effect also applies to humans. Learn how you can leverage these findings to improve your personal autoimmune health and longevity.


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The Canine Cocomega Effect


NYT bestselling author of Intuitive Fasting and Gut Feelings

”Jaron Lukas’ revolutionary new findings on the Cocomega effect reveal the power of fats for every dog’s gut health and inflammation. Read it to unlock the longer, thriving life your dog deserves!”


CEO of The Paleo Diet®

”Jaron Lukas’ brilliant work has found a way to balance the right healthy fats to give pet owners new ways to leverage food as medicine. This book is a breakthrough for natural health advocates and all pet parents.”


Leading holistic veterinarian

”With the Cocomega effect, Jaron Lukas presents a way we can go beyond peripheral treatment and use synergistic nutrition to achieve exceptional patient outcomes while minimizing the use of pharmaceuticals.”


· A personal message ·

From Jaron Lukas, founder of yumwoof!

Dear fellow pet parent,

In my one-on-one consultations, I've observed many pet parents unknowingly make nutrition mistakes which contribute to their dogs' inflammatory conditions such as allergies, digestive issues, diabetes, itching and more. It is highly probable that you too may be making these same errors.

They are easy to make, and I made them years ago myself. However, my expertise in data analysis has allowed me to scrutinize over 3,000 clinical studies on nutrition, and from my investigations and countless hours counseling pet parents like you—I have uncovered a groundbreaking discovery crucial to why Yumwoof has been able to help so many dogs.

I call it the Cocomega effect, and this new breakthrough can heal your dog's inflammation at its root source—by naturally restoring his or her gut.

Why should you opt for healing your dog using the Cocomega effect? First of all, there are no dangerous long-term side effects. It is a natural way to help your dog.

In my book, you'll discover how to combine synergistic superfats including coconut oil, omega-3s and short chain fatty acids—to promote a substantial reduction in your best friend’s inflammation, leading to a longer and healthier life. This is why so many pet parents who switch to Yumwoof see positive results.

If you have experimented with feeding your dog holistic, fresh or raw diets but have yet to witness any improvement in their itching, shaking, allergies and diarrhea, then THE CANINE COCOMEGA EFFECT is a must-read for healing your dog without resorting to medication.

You'll learn how to apply a novel technique supported by 163 clinical studies to improve your dog's health and longevity. And in the process, you'll also learn how to enhance your own microbiome, resulting in improved health and wellness for your entire family.

The groundbreaking discoveries presented in this book are truly remarkable and should not be missed. Better health is inside this book, so order your copy now.

— Jaron Lukas, founder of yumwoof!


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