Yumwoof Donates $30K of Air-Dried Dog Food to Maui


MAUI, HI – Yumwoof Natural Pet Food Inc. has partnered with ROAM Maui, Shep Gordon and Maui Humane Society to donate nutrient-dense dog food for the thousands of displaced dogs on Maui island. The group will be rapidly delivering 500 bags of its air-dried dog food this month to dogs critically in need of supplies.

With an estimated 3,000 dogs currently displaced from families, Yumwoof has chosen to lead a disaster relief effort ensuring dogs in Maui do not go hungry as a result of the wildfire climate disaster. 

The 3-year-old premium dog food brand has partnered with ROAM Maui, a members-only air shuttle service, who will be transporting the donated food to Maui on its Boeing 737. This collaboration has significantly facilitated Yumwoof’s efforts to deliver food to the Maui Humane Society. 

Shep Gordon, a respected figure on the island, has been instrumental in facilitating connections and efforts to aid the Maui community. Yumwoof’s founders extend their gratitude to the widely-loved talent manager, film producer and philanthropist who many call the unofficial mayor of Maui.

LA-based talent manager and producer Irvin Gelb also made an invaluable contribution, according to Yumwoof’s founders.

Yumwoof was founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife duo, Jaron Lukas and Ana Padilla. Self-described “lovers of our planet,” the couple shares a deep concern over the environmental devastation and the dislocation of families on the beautiful island of Maui.

“As a sustainability-focused leader, I am heartbroken about the recent tragedy in Maui—a sacred place dear to my heart. It's a devastating situation, and I’m doing everything I can to help those impacted," says Jaron Lukas.

Ana Padilla adds, "Jaron and I are committed to ongoing efforts to support the community in any way we can.”

Yumwoof has donated $30,000 worth of its air-dried dog food in this August donation. The boutique brand is seeking corporate partners who can support the company in providing even more air-dried dog food to the island. Yumwoof encourages anyone interested in supporting their efforts to reach out via email for more information.

As a result of this significant disaster relief endeavor, Yumwoof has announced it will be taking steps to form the YUMWOOF CARES Charity Foundation to make disaster relief an ongoing part of its core mission, to counterbalance the effects of climate change, and to help families with dogs in need of assistance.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Email: charity@yumwoof.com

About Yumwoof:

Austin-based Yumwoof is on a mission to help dogs live longer with the healthiest air-dried dog food ever made. Boosted with Cocomega™ superfats backed by clinical studies, Yumwoof offers premium nutrition for dogs using the best quality GMO-free ingredients and USDA meats in data-backed recipes linked to longer lifespans. Learn more about their uncompromising nutrition for your dog and tree-planting sustainability at yumwoof.com!

Update September 4, 2023:

I'm happy to say our Perfect Kibble reached the Maui Humane Society yesterday! Here's a video of it arriving safely in their hands... Watch video

We want to continue making an impact, and several media outlets have begun covering Yumwoof's efforts

ABC News in Austin was the first to cover our donation. 

Then, Ana and I were invited to an interview on NEWSMAX. After our appearance, we raised another $5k in 2 hours from their viewers! Click here to watch our 4 min interview.

We were also covered by Melanie VanDerveer who wrote an in-depth article in The Blast about our efforts.

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