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"Dogs are family. Our mission is to extend the lifespan of all dogs through food."

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Natural dog food with clean ingredients.

Yumwoof Natural Pet Food is elevating America's dog food. You can count on us to never compromise on the ingredients we use.

Get better nutrition without compromise.

Yumwoof is a friends and family-run pet food company utilizing recent science from NIH research and AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles to make industry-leading low carb dog food.

We’re truly obsessed with dog nutrition and never compromise on the ingredients we put in our dog food—even though it means we have to accept lower margins versus our competitors. That's something special. With Yumwoof, your dog gets the best ingredients at the best price without any empty calorie fillers.

Watch our CEO discuss the benefits of natural dog food with Shark Tank's Daymond John

It started when a NYC chef's dog got sick.

In 2008, our Head Chef's dog became ill. He could no longer afford to keep feeding his (rather large) dog the dry kibble he had been feeding him for years.

Luckily, he was a professional chef trained at The French Culinary Institute.

With the input of his local veterinarian and pet nutritionist, he began cooking a new formula based on their recommendations. The ingredients also reflected the latest scientific research in pet nutrition.

Within months, something incredible happened. His dog had a shiner coat, healthier skin, and tons of energy! That's when he realized his pup's previous diet of burnt brown balls was actually malnourishing him.

With continued testing since then, we have evolved our formula with the continued feedback of veterinarians and pet nutritionists to offer it as Yumwoof Natural Pet Food. Our filler-free clean recipes are the healthiest food you can give your dog - just take a look at the ingredients!

We're like a dog's food dream come true.

👨🏻‍🍳 + 👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️ = 🍽️

Our recipes are created by a top rated NYC chef working with vet nutritionists to create a game-changing taste experience.

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A collaboration with the top vet nutritionists.

Our mission is to extend the lifespan of all dogs. We elevate your dogs' meals using yummy recipes and fresh natural ingredients to create food that gives your little loved ones the nutrients they need to live a long and happy life.

After selling our previous tech companies, we decided to bring our experience to something we were truly passionate about: giving dogs the best life possible. From our kitchens and scientific lab, Yumwoof Natural Pet Food was born.

We collaborated with the top pet nutritionists and veterinarians to create a recipe with the ingredients and nutrients your dog needs.

Our research proved that dogs are healthier when they eat natural food with minimal processing. That’s why Yumwoof recipes only include real ingredients, and never use preservatives, fillers, or ultraprocessed additives.

Made for health conscious pet parents who read ingredient labels.

A biologically appropriate diet for evolved canines.

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Our food meets or exceeds AAFCO nutrition standards.

Biological diets backed by science.

Science has come a long way since commercial dog food first appeared nearly 100 years ago.

The machines used in industrial food manufacturing have scaled food at low prices, but growing research shows that these ultraprocessed foods have led to growing diabetes, disease and health issues in both humans and dogs alike.

For example, ultraprocessed foods cause a faster spike in blood glucose because both human and canine bodies don't spend time breaking it down.

At the core of Yumwoof Natural Pet Food is the belief that eating foods aligned with natural, ancesteral diets will result in better health.

Every ingredient we use is formulated by a veterinary nutrionist alongside new scientific research from the National Institutes of Health. We only use ingredients that have support from AAFCO and the NIH.

Backed by 250 clinical studies

That's why created the most advanced database of the clinical studies that exists to support every ingredient in your dog's personalized diet.

When we recommend your dog's personalized recipe using our easy quiz, it's based on an advanced compilation of all the latest clinical research.

See the 250 clinical studies backing your dog's diet here.

Our nutrition philosophy aligns with keto & paleo beliefs.

Yumwoof's mission is to extend the lifespan of all dogs. To that end, we don't simply accept common industry practices—instead relying on the latest scientific research to verify our food will benefit your dog.

✅ Low carb diet

Research shows that a low carb diet is associated with longer canine health and lifespan. We don't use "empty calorie" high carb fillers—even though it costs us more.

✅ Science-backed

We research every study available to understand what ingredients are actually beneficial for dogs. Only those ingredients that pass our high standards are put into our products.

✅ Complete & balanced

All of our recipes meet or exceed AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrition Profiles for all life stages. We go beyond industry requirements with a special focus on heart health.

✅ Whole foods only

A whole food diet is associated with better health across research studies. We never put anything artificial in our food, and all the ingredients we use fit a biologically appropriate ancestral diet for carnivores.

✅ Chef-made recipes

Our dog food gets a little extra love from our Head Chef Ray, a top rated NYC chef trained at the French Culinary Institute. His inspired recipes are why your dog loves eating Yumwoof so much.

From 3 long-time friends, thank you.

We'd like to be the first to welcome you to our dog loving family. Everyone in our company from the top down has an obsession with dog nutrition, and that's fundamentally what drives us to create our products.

Our mission is to extend the lifespan of all dogs, and we appreciate the opportunity to share our creations with your dog to make them healthy, happy and peaceful.

- Jaron, Yo and Ray

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