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About Us

"Dogs are more than a companion— they're family. That's why they deserve high quality food too."

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Every dog should enjoy a long, happy, adventure-filled life!

When the last recession came, our Head Chef fell on hard times. He could no longer afford to feed his (rather large) dogs the high end kibble he had been feeding them for years.

Luckily, he was a professional chef.

With the input of his local veterinarian and pet nutritionist, he began cooking a new formula based on their recommendations. The ingredients also reflected the latest scientific research in pet nutrition.

Within months, something incredible happened. His dog had a shiner coat, helathier skin, and tons of energy! That's when he realized his pups' previous diet of burnt brown balls was actually malnourishing them.

With continued testing since then, we have evolved our formula with the continued feedback of veterinarians and pet nutritionists to offer it as Yumwoof. Our recipe is the healthiest dry food you can give your dog - just take a look at the ingredients!

Yumwoof is the collaboration between our team and the world's best veterinarians and pet nutritionists.

Our mission is to elevate your dogs' meals using yummy recipes and fresh human-grade ingredients to create a soft kibble that gives your little loved ones the nutrients they need to live a long and happy life.

After selling our previous tech companies, we decided to bring our experience to something we were truly passionate about: giving dogs the best life possible. From our kitchens and scientific lab, Yumwoof was born.

We collaborated with the top pet nutritionists and veterinarians to create a recipe with the ingredients and nutrients your dog needs.

Our research proved that dogs need the health benefits and nutrients that come from eating more superfoods. That’s why Yumwoof recipes are packed full of superfoods, and never use preservatives, fillers, or processed ingredients.

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