Heal Digestive Issues with Anti-Inflammatory Dog Food

The antidote to digestive issues.

Digestive issues are a sign of inflammation caused by gut health issues. Perfect Kibble stops inflammation at its root causes.

Digestive issues are a symptom, not a cause

If your dog experiences digestive issues, it's a sign their body is having an inflammatory reaction to their food or environment.

The longer these issues persist, the more damage they cause—so it's important to understand what's happening and take quick action.

We work with top veterinarians who show digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea and bloating are not usually medical issues themselves—they're symptoms of deeper underlying gut health issues.

What's actually happening

More specifically, when a dog's digestive tract is overloaded with bad gut bacteria, it can then be absorbed into his or her bloodstream and cause damage in their entire body.

With your dog's immune system weakened and inflammatory responses in a chronic state of alert, your dog will experience increased sensitivities to other allergens in their environment and food.

Basically your dog can no longer determine what's safe and dangerous, and this causes their body to falsly identify normal proteins as being dangerous—and it then initiates an even stronger inflammatory response.

We're here to help

That's why we formulated the Perfect Kibble recipe to heal your dog's gut at the root cause and then keep them healthy with an anti-inflammatory diet.

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Perfect Kibble heals & prevents inflammation:

Step 1 — RESET

Omega-3s inhibit oxidative stress from cyclooxygenase.


A clinical research study discovered that omega-3 fatty acids inhibit an enzyme called cyclooxygenase (COX), which produces the prostaglandin hormones that spark inflammation. The action is similar to what happens when one takes an aspirin, which disrupts the COX-2 signaling pathway, thus reducing inflammation and pain.[*].

Step 2 — HEAL

Coconut oil inhibits inflammatory granuloma formation.


A clinical research study showed that virgin coconut oil exhibited an inhibitory effect on chronic inflammation by reducing the transudative weight, granuloma formation, and serum alkaline phosphatase activity.[*].


Removes inflammatory ingredients from diet for long term health.


Perfect Kibble doesn't include any inflammatory ingredients such as peas, legumes, vegetable oils or meat meals.

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The causes of digestive issues may surprise you

While a variety of allergens may affect your dog, the primary reason your dog is sensitive to them could be in their food.

Meat meals are one cause. You'll often hear from dry kibble companies that they're "highly digestible protein" and "healthy" but nothing could be further from the truth. Meat meals are processed at extremely high temperatures, which oxidizes the fat creating inflammatory free radicals.

Inflammatory vegetable oils such as sunflower, canola or safflower oil are probably in your dog's food too. High in omega-6, these highly processed oils activate hormones that cause inflammation.

That's why we use anti-inflammatory coconut oil and flaxseed instead—both of which have been shown to help heal digestive issues. Perfect Kibble has some of the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids and exceeds AAFCO required omega-3 ratios by 25x!

You could see reduced digestive issues in 30 days

Inflammation prevents your pup from living their fullest life.

Maybe you’ve previously tried other solutions to treat your dog’s digestive issues, only to see your dog continue having issues...

However, the reason you haven't seen an improvement yet is likely because you've never addressed the underlying cause.

Once you address the inflammation in your dog's gut microbiome, you'll be amazed at how that change affects their entire body too. Most pet parents see better skin, healthier fur, more energy, improved mood and better breath after feeding their dog Perfect Kibble.


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Austin, TX

"As the CEO of a personal wellness company, I care about my dog's health as much as my own. Yumwoof's ingredients fit the spot."

New York, NY

"Perfect Kibble resolved my dog's skin allergies. They went away entirely after 4 weeks. Great ingredients and she clearly loves the flavor."

Tampa, FL

"My dog is everything to me but fresh food got expensive. I didn't want highly processed dog food so this was perfect for my budget."

Las Vegas, NV

"This stuff smells so good! I was excited by the photos online and became obsessed with this stuff when I opened the bag. High quality."

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Why Perfect Kibble has helped other dogs with digestive issues

The ingredients we selected for Perfect Kibble were formulated around the the latest clinical studies on canine inflammation.

Most dogs see a significant reduction in digestive issues within 30 day of eating Perfect Kibble.

In the first week, your dog's body will begin to calm. The high omega-3 and MCTs from coconut oil will be alleviating the underlying inflammation, and your dog's gut health will improve.

Once your dog's inflammation has gone away, he or she will be able to stay healthy by the removal of inflammatory ingredients in their previous food.

Noticably better skin!

“My dog loves Yumwoof and so do I. In only a week, his scratching and licking have diminished a great deal. I love the convenience of having it delivered to my door and he's excited about his food again. It's a win-win!”

- Alice J.

Allergies have been gone for months

“Best dog food ever! My picky shihtzu, who also has allergies, has been eating Yumwoof for several months now. He LOVES it! And I feel great about feeding it to him. Customer service is amazing too. Well done, Yumwoof folks, well done. 👏”

- Gina C.

Great for sick or depressed picky eaters

“I am so thankful I tried this food! I work with a dog rescue and foster a lot of sick and/or depressed dogs with little appetite. This soft kibble will tempt the fussiest eater. I highly recommend it and for the quality it is very reasonably priced, even for a rescue!”

- Trudi A.

How to heal your dog quickly

Chronic inflammation progressively weakens your dog's body over time. The faster you can stop it, the longer your dog is likely to live.

If you've read the ingredients label on your dog's food and found any inflammatory ingredients, you should take action immediately.

We offer a money-back guarantee so there's no risk.

Alleviate your dog's digestive issues now with anti-inflammatory dog food. Our vet-endorsed natural food was specifically formulated to help.

Heal Your Dog's Digestion with Perfect Kibble

Get anti-inflammatory food formulated to heal the root causes of your dog's digestive issues.

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