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Dog Food Calculator - Here's How Much Your Dog Should Eat

Dog Food Calculator

Enter your dog's weight with the sliding bar to calculate how much your dog should eat.

39 lbs

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Feeding amounts

1.1 cups of Yumwoof every day

4.4 bags every month

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About this dog food calculator

Making sure your dog stays their ideal weight plays an important role in reducing health issues throughout their life. If you do not know your dog's ideal body weight, consult with your veterinarian to understand the right target weight for your dog.

Generally speaking, a dog with an ideal body weight will show an outline of the ribs that can be seen and felt. The belly tucks up when viewed from the side, and there is a visible waist when viewed from above.

Dogs who are overweight often have stomachs that appear rounded when viewed from the side, and no waist when viewed from above. If your dog shows signs of being overweight, their risk of health issues as they age increases dramatically. Just like in humans, overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from diabetes, cancer and other diseases. Unlike humans, they don't experience emotional eating and you have the power to control their diet.

A whole foods diet can help your dog maintain their proper body weight. Yumwoof's DIY Base Mix is an easy way to make homemade dog food to feed your dog a whole foods diet.

If you're looking for a way to keep your dog's calculated body weight even more easily, Yumwoof Perfect Kibble is a pre-made and easy-to-measure dog food with high quality natural ingredients. The dog food calculator on this page is tailored for this specific food.

Have any questions about how much your dog should eat? Reach out to our informed team who can help provide additional information at woof@yumwoof.com.

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