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About Yumwoof

Yumwoof 'Soft & Chewy' Perfect Kibble is made with 14 superfood ingredients produced in an entirely delicious and healthy way.

This is unlike any food your dog has ever tasted. Just wait until you open the bag... you'll truly wish it were human food. But it's not; it's dog food.

Made with fresh meat and healthy natural ingredients—all slow cooked to perfection—you can rest assured your pup always gets the right nutrition with Yumwoof.

Try it risk-free and watch your companion woof for more!

The #1 ingredient in our science-backed meal recipe is fresh, USDA inspected chicken without any low grade ingredients like meat meal. It also has more coconut oil than any other dog food. Several recent NIH studies showed MCTs in coconut oil improved brain cognition in dogs, increased their metabolism and made them appear younger.

Our commitment to giving your dog a high quality food runs deep. Yumwoof Perfect Kibble has 14 good-for-you (we're talking high-quality) ingredients: ✓ Fresh Chicken ✓ Eggs ✓ Organic Coconut Oil ✓ Coconut Glycerin ✓ Gluten-Free Oats ✓ Whole Peas ✓ Carrots ✓ Blueberries ✓ Cranberries ✓ Chia Seeds ✓ Beef Liver ✓ Seaweed ✓ Pumpkin ✓ Vitamins and Minerals. That's it!

Try it now and watch your dog jump for the sweet smell and amazing taste of Yumwoof Perfect Kibble.

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