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Our Dog Food

Our ingredients are human grade and sourced from local human food suppliers in the US. Yumwoof uses only real food ingredients that meet the USDA's standards for human consumption. Unlike other kibble brands, we never use feed-grade or artificial ingredients. All of our 14 simple ingredients have a purpose for providing your dog with the highest nutrition. Read more about our 14 simple ingredient recipe here.

Yes, Yumwoof meets AAFCO standards. Our food is complete and balanced for all life stages according to the nutritional levels set by AAFCO. You may be interested to know that our recipe was formulated by a top NYC chef alongside industry leading veterinarians and pet nutritionists.

Dogs can survive eating factory-produced pet foods, just as we can minimally sustain ourselves by eating potato chips everyday. But dogs will live much healthier and longer lives when their diet consists of real, high quality ingredients. They're just like humans in this way.

When you start researching what's inside other kibbles, you'll learn the answer is not pretty. Most brands skip fresh meat altogether and rely on unhealthy dry "meals" that are even allowed to contain crushed up animal bones and remains unfit for human consumption. They cover it up with fake colors and flavors to make it palatable for dogs.

There is an alarming rise in pet allergies and terminal diseases right now due to these industry practices. That's why we set out to create an alternative. Yumwoof is made with real ingredients you'd actually eat, all slow cooked at 170 degress F to retain their full nutrients.

Simply put - Yumwoof is some of the highest quality dog food you can buy. If you'd like to learn more about our ingredients, click here.

Yumwoof is shelf-stable and can be stored in a cool, dry place in your home. A kitchen cupboard works just great.

Once you open the bag, you can simply store it in your cupboard. No refrigeration is needed!

The most important advice we have is this: Please make sure you close the bag completely after you open it, otherwise the long exposure to air will cause it to lose its chewy texture. Keep your Yumwoof chewy!

Your Orders

Your order will arrive within 4-7 days of purchase, unless you request expedited shipping. While we don't anticipate delays, please note that the Coronavirus pandemic has created occassional delays outside of our control.

If your order hasn't arrived within 5 business days, send an email to our team at woof@yumwoof.com for assistance.

Although most dogs love Yumwoof, we'll give you a full refund on your first bag if your dog doesn't like it. You can try it with no strings attached.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a substantial, ongoing rise in food prices. This unfortunately affects the cost of our ingredients, which is already far higher than other, less-premium brands.

In fact, our high quality ingredients are so pricey that we keep our margins low to offer Yumwoof at a great price to you. We track the monthly rise in food costs and adjust the retail price of Yumwoof accordingly.

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