Take Action to Support Honesty in Pet Food Labeling

Take Action to Support Honesty in Pet Food Labeling and Protect Dogs

📝 Take Action with Us

The future of every dog's health depends on you. Join the movement to petition United States lawmakers to add carbohydrate nutritional information to pet food labels.

☀️ Why This Matters

We believe there's sufficient research to suggest a carbohydrate level greater than 30% of a dog's diet can lead to diabetes, kidney disease, and more.

Most commercially available dog food contains 40-70% carbohydrates, yet pet food companies are not required to list it on the label.

⛔ What's Missing on Pet Food Labels?

The 3 major macronutrients of food are protein, fats and carbohydrates.

If you review the Guaranteed Analysis on any pet food label, you'll find protein and fat. One major macronutrient is missing...

Carbohydrates do not need to be listed per FDA and AAFCO requirements. Most dog foods – yes, even the fresh ones – are packed with high carb fillers like rice and potatoes.

The reason is obvious: profit. Carbohydrates are a cheap filler ingredient to bulk up dog food.

Here's the label of one of the most popular dog foods on the market. There's protein, fat and even fiber... but no mention of total carbohydrates.

This dry kibble consists of approximately 55% carbohydrates. That's a dangerously high level associated with increased risk of diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease and more.

🔬 The research

We recently published a science-backed article that goes in depth on NIH studies linking high carb diets to various health issues.

Read The Full Article

⁉️ Why Aren't Carbs Listed?

Over the last century since commercial pet food began, the large manufacturers knew they had to keep carb content high to maintain higher profit margins. By leaving it off the label, consumers would ask fewer questions.

These same manufacturers were able to keep carbs off the label by influencing industry regulators. Even if it doesn't make sense and it's to the detriment of dogs' health.

✊ Our Action Plan

We at Yumwoof want to promote honesty in pet food labeling, and we'd like you to join our movement. Here's how we plan to enact change.

  1. Collecting signatures on our petition from concerned pet parents like you.
  2. Contacting media and politicians to build awareness and grow the movement nationally.
  3. Writing legislation to require "net carbohydrates" to be listed on pet food labels.
  4. Pushing for funded research by the National Institutes of Health on the effects of high carbohydrate diets on canine health.

🙋‍♀️ How to Join Our Movement

Here's how you can join the movement and get involved.

  1. Enter your email to sign our petition.
  2. Look for emails from us about coalition events.
  3. Contact your local media and politicians.

We'll be sending you detailed information on how to proceed once you sign the petition. We're glad you share our concern about this issue and I welcome you to become a leader in the movement.

Jaron Lukas
Yumwoof CEO

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