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Yumwoof Rescue Partners | Yumwoof Donates 1% to No-Kill Animal Shelters

Yumwoof donates 1% of our sales to no-kill animal shelters.

Our love for animals and their wellbeing is why we seek to work with organizations that share our commitment to saving animal lives.

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The Yumwoof Rescue Partners Program was established to fulfill our social impact mission.

We believe that helping underserved pets live their best lives begins by creating pet lifesaving communities across the country.

To support that goal, Yumwoof donates 1% of all pet food sales to no-kill animal shelters.

Learn more about the contribution you make to saving animal lives when you purchase Yumwoof pet food. If you run an animal shelter yourself, please reach out to learn about our partner program.

Who are our Yumwoof Rescue Partners?

Yumwoof Rescue Partners are the driving force behind our mission to save animals from abuse. They are no-kill animal shelters, rescue groups and other humane organizations who choose to join our partner program targeting all kinds of animal-abuse cases—from hoarding situations to animal fighting or puppy mill operations. Partners must qualify as one of the following:

  • A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit humane organization
  • An organization affiliated with a national or regional breed rescue association 

What do Yumwoof Rescue Partners do?

Yumwoof Rescue Partners are perhaps the most critical element in our mission to rescue abused animals across the country. As local groups with access to local resources, partners provide the animals with veterinary care, rehabilitation and ultimately, placement in lifelong homes.

We make ongoing donations to these partners, who care for and place the animals in their no-kill shelters.

How do I become a Yumwoof Rescue Partner?

Yumwoof works hard to grow our rescue program by adding new rescue groups to our list of approved partners. Our partners are carefully screened, reviewed and monitored by our team. Once approved, Yumwoof works our partner organizations to make donations and save homeless pets.

For information or to apply, please contact us via email at woof@yumwoof.com.

Partner Spotlight: Second Chance Animal Rescue

Yumwoof has partnered with Second Chance Animal Rescue, a volunteer-powered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Las Vegas, to maximize the number of animals we can save in their community. Second Chance has operated since 2009 and runs on a 100% volunteer basis.

We have personally witnessed Second Chance Animal Rescue’s work for many years. The non-profit’s founder, Ashley Kloehn, has demonstrated a true commitment to no-kill animal adoption by putting both her time and money behind the organization. As adoption fees do not cover all the costs associated with its rescues, and she has made considerable financial contributions to the organization herself over the years.

Together, we are now working our hardest to save homeless pets in the Las Vegas area.

Thank you, Yumwoof customer. You are the real hero!

Every Yumwoof purchase you make enables us to carry out this mission.

We’re excited to have you as a partner on this journey. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us and other like-minded individuals, animal welfare organizations, foundations and companies as we work to make the entire country no-kill.

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