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All-Natural Soft Kibble Dog Food

No refrigeration needed. Give your dog the high quality ingredients you'll find in fresh food with the same convenience as kibble.

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Quality ingredients

Chef-Made Recipe

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A Healthier Way To Feed Your Growing Dog

Yumwoof combines 14 natural ingredients into a science-backed recipe that meets or exceeds AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. The ingredients we use are sourced in the USA and baked in a USDA facility.

That's it. Yumwoof has no fillers or hidden ingredients

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Yumwoof Perfect Kibble is a chewy, small batch dog kibble with higher MCT and antioxidant content than any other dog food. Yumwoof's recipe contains more antioxidants than other brands in order to boost your pup’s immune health, reduce inflammation, and help them live their longest & healthiest life possible.

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Non-Kibble Kibble

Dog food made with fresh ingredients, without the need to refrigerate.

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    Anti-inflammatory coconut oil

  • No refrigeration needed

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    Heart healthy recipe

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    16% net carbs

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    Easy to serve


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    Inflammatory vegetable oils

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    Goodbye fridge space!

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    Contains peas and legumes

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    Fillers: rice, potato, peas, water

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Austin, TX

"My dogs literally jump for their food ever since I switched to Yumwoof. Best decision ever. They clearly love the flavor and it smells great."

New York, NY

"I was skeptical, but our dog Buster's skin no longer flakes and his energy level is where it was 3 years ago. Highly recommend Yumwoof."

Tampa, FL

"My dog is everything to me but fresh food got expensive. I didn't want highly processed dog food so this was perfect for my budget."

Las Vegas, NV

"This stuff smells so good! I was excited by the photos online andbecame obsessed with this stuff when I opened the bag. High quality."

Try the all new Perfect Kibble Beef

No peas or legumes. Your dog will love this highly demanded healthy dog food recipe.

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