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Start your own local dog food business

Earn money selling fresh dog food in your community

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Start your own local dog food business

Earn extra money by selling affordable, fresh dog food to friends in your community. We are launching Yumwoof Local+Fresh Partners to help you earn income making healthy dog food.

This new partner program makes it easy to create your own local dog food business, and we provide everything you need to get started.

Best of all, you can know that the customers you serve are feeding their dogs a diet that's 'complete and balanced' according to AAFCO nutritional guidelines.

Find greater fulfillment improving pet nutrition

The people you serve will thank you for providing an affordable way to improve their dog's diet with fresh, natural foods. Most paw parents still feed their dogs dry kibble, which is the primary cause of growing diabetes, cancer and disease in dogs today.

Become part of the movement to change this.

Just like humans, dogs are healthiest when they eat a whole foods diet consisting of local ingredients with minimal processing. This is the core beleif behind our 'complete and balanced' recipes.

More affordable than other fresh dog food

Yumwoof Local+Fresh is 50% less expensive than other online fresh dog food brands. That means you'll be offering an attractively priced and competitive service in your local area.

When you grow your customer base, you can make thousands of dollars every month selling dog food.

Become a partner

We are currently accepting applications for our first cohort of Yumwoof Local+Fresh Partners.

Interested in joining or want to learn more? Proceed by filling out the form below.