The Canine Cocomega™ Effect
The Canine Cocomega™ Effect

The Canine Cocomega™ Effect

By Jaron Lukas, founder of logo

Are you concerned about your dog’s persistent itching, scratching, digestive issues or allergies? These can be warning signs of inflammation linked to your dog’s microbiome, which may be causing serious chronic health conditions. But there’s good news—the solution to helping your dog may lie in their nutrition.

As a technology entrepreneur and data analyst focused on modern nutrition, Yumwoof's CEO has now analyzed thousands of clinical studies, and he has gained meaningful insights that can impact you and your dog.

In his groundbreaking book, The Canine Cocomega Effect, Lukas reveals a new breakthrough gained from over 100 clinical research studies supporting a method of combining coconut oil and omega-3s, which together produce a synergy modulating their anti-inflammatory effects. This innovative approach can reduce your dog’s inflammation, improve their gut health and promote a longer lifespan.

Lukas also reveals a new reason why feeding your dog dry kibble can cause inflammation and provides an alternative path to reverse the damage. If you’ve tried fresh or raw diets for your dog but haven’t seen an improvement in their inflammatory symptoms, this book offers a new perspective on why this might be the case, and it provides an alternative path to help improve your dog’s health.

But The Canine Cocomega Effect isn’t just about dogs—it’s about your health too. The trailblazing research in this book also reveals evidence for how boosting your dog’s nutrition with the Cocomega™ effect may modulate your own microbiome, potentially alleviating autoimmune and gut health issues in humans.

If you’re ready to improve your dog’s gut health, this book covers everything you need to know about your dog’s microbiome so you can gain your own understanding of what’s happening on a biological level, including the nutrition science behind the Cocomega™ effect. Drawing on years of in-depth data analytics and his hands-on experience as the CEO of Yumwoof Natural Pet Food, Lukas offers insights behind one of the most important advances in modern canine nutrition.

This book is set to have a positive impact on your dog’s long term health, so order it now to begin your dog's gut health transformation!

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