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Perfect Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Food Topper
Perfect Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Food Topper
Perfect Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Food Topper

Perfect Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Food Topper

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Your dog needs 2 bags/mo.

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Hand selected & gently cold pressed · Our sustainably-sourced Perfect Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Dog Food Topper comes from the highest quality salmon, hand selected by our partner fishermen. It's minimally processed using our proprietary method and boosted with extra antioxidants. A wide body of research supports its benefits for improved immunity, brain, skin and heart health.

Helps with: Allergies Heart Skin Longevity

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How It Works

Here's what happens when your dog adds Perfect Probiotics Food Topper to their Yumwoof meals.


Receive Your Dog's Topper

We'll ship your dog's Perfect Salmon Oil straight to your door. Subscribe and save even more. Each shipment will last 1-3 months depending on the size of your dog.


Feed to Your Dog Daily

Mix into your dog's food right before one or more meals every day. Each serving contains 40 calories, so be sure to adjust your dog's food serving to maintain your dog's proper weight.


See the Benefits

You should see improvements in your dog's allergies, heart health, skin and signs of longevity within 30 days.

No fillers. Just hand selected wild Alaskan salmon oil produced in a more gentle way.

No undesirable ingredients or artificial preservatives, just the highest quality salmon oil you can find. All ingredients are sourced in the USA. 🇺🇸

Simply mix into your dog's food.

Unlike omega-3 supplements that come in a treat form, our uniquely made salmon oil includes no undesirable preservatives or fillers. Perfect Salmon Oil is as clean as it gets!

It's easy to mix into any Perfect Dog Food Mix recipe, and it's required for our puppy recipes. Simply mix your dog's salmon oil into your dog's cooked food, and serve.

Made from the best sustainably-sourced wild Alaskan salmon.

The perfect combination of Wild Alaskan salmon oil containing astaxanthin and Vitamin E antioxidants.

Unlike other salmon oil for dogs, Yumwoof Perfect Salmon Oil is gently cold pressed to maintain the natural nutrients inside.

Explore the benefits of our salmon oil for dogs.

With high quality salmon oil made specifically for your dog's health needs, you'll see reduced allergies, better skin and a variety of health improvements within 30 days.