Charity Poop Bags
Charity Poop Bags
Charity Poop Bags
Charity Poop Bags

Charity Poop Bags

Proceeds go to charity · Biodegradable bags

Pre-sale item expected to ship April 2024 · Our charity poop bags are ecofriendly, extra thick, leak proof, and unscented. These premium bags are biodegradable, made from corn starch. 8 rolls of 15 bags, 120 bags total. The proceeds from every purchase go to Yumwoof Dog Food Pantry to feed hungry dogs.

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Yumwoof Dog Food Pantry is the first digital dog food pantry providing dog food for families in critical financial situations. Much like a physical food pantry helps communities feed locals in financial hardship, our digital pantry is a similar resource making a wider impact.

Austin-based yumwoof! is on a mission to increase your dog's lifespan with anti-inflammatory nutrition and holistic ingredients. Our premium air-dried dog food is GMO-free and boosted with Cocomega™ superfats backed by research linked to longevity. Respected health influencers including Dr. Will Cole, Thomas DeLauer and Dr. Ava Frick have all voiced their support. With obsessive attention to detail, we craft delicious, low-carb recipes without seed oils using fresh USDA meat, humanely raised eggs, and non-GMO holistic ingredients. It's everything you'd want your dog to eat.

Yes, our charity poop bags are intended to be a not-for-profit product.

Recipients of temporary charitable aid are approved by Yumwoof Dog Food Pantry staff. On a one-on-one basis, we will provide a limited amount of food for up to 3 months. Our requirements include: 1. Must provide proof of financial hardship including unemployment slip and low income tax return. 2. Must provide drug-free test results. When large disasters take place, we may partner with local 501(c)3 to provide faster relief.

Yes! Our charity poop bags are biodegradable and made from corn starch. They are the latest part of our EcoPup Sustainability Mission which also includes carbon neutral shipping on every order.
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