Perfect Yumsauce
Perfect Yumsauce
Perfect Yumsauce
Perfect Yumsauce

Perfect Yumsauce

Get your picky eater to eat anything! (5)

Let's say your dog is the canine version of a food critic and needs a little coaxing into the health food scene? We’ve got you covered. Meet yumsauce, yumwoof's magic elixir. It can make even the pickiest eaters drool with delight because—who wants their dog to live a sad life without ever experiencing the daily joy of the yumwoof dog shuffle?

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Our chef worked with a veterinary nutritionist to create the perfect topper for picky eaters that tastes great and has functional benefits when eaten daily. Your dog will gobble Perfect Yumsauce up and get heart, immunity and longevity benefits.


In our mission to create a dog food topper that’s irresistable to the world’s pickiest eaters, we tested many recipes. Perfect Yumsauce is the result. You’ll be amazed how much your dog loves the sweet and savory flavor we discovered.

Transparent Nutrition

Add the recommended dosage of Perfect Yumsauce to your dog’s food daily.

Non-GMO Ingredients: Organic toasted sesame oil, raw unfiltered honey, raw unfiltered Manuka honey.

Crude protein MIN 0%
Crude fat MIN 80%
Crude fiber MAX 0%
Moisture MAX 0%

† Non-AAFCO statistic

ME = 7.5 kcal/gram, 35 kcal/tsp

Dog Weight Daily Serving
Up to 10 lbs ½ tsp
11-20 lb 1 tsp
21-40 lb 2 tsp
41-60 lb 3 tsp
Over 60 lbs 4+ tsp

Our food is calorie-dense, so you may feed less compared to other food. These suggested daily servings are only guidelines. Individual requirements may vary depending on age, breed, weight, activity level and metabolism. Puppies require more calories, so serve 2x more than the amounts shown. Senior dogs may require fewer calories. Pregnant or nursing dogs may require free feeding. Please consult your veterinarian.


The sesame oil in yumsauce offers several health benefits backed by scientific research. It is rich in antioxidants, such as sesamol and sesaminol, which can help reduce cell damage caused by free radicals, potentially protecting the heart and promoting overall health. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties have been traditionally used for joint inflammation and toothaches, and studies suggest it may help reduce inflammation in the body. Sesame oil, with its high unsaturated fat content, can also support heart health, skin health, and it may help regulate blood sugar levels—particularly for dogs with diabetes.

While sesame oil is technically a seed oil, it differs substantially from the inflammatory seed oils on yumwoof’s NEVER list. Not only does it taste great, but sesame oil offers substantial health benefits to your dog. To start, sesame oil contains sesamin, sesamolin, and sesamol, which are compounds that protect polyunsaturated fats from oxidation. More importantly, sesame oil can inhibit the conversion of omega-6 fats into certain inflammatory molecules, possibly helping to lower inflammation. In animal and clinical studies, sesame has been shown to improve lipid metabolism and lower oxidative stress. In short—the sesame oil in yumsauce can your dog live longer!

Manuka honey is a unique type of honey produced primarily in New Zealand and parts of Australia from the nectar of the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium). It is renowned for its health benefits due to its high levels of methylglyoxal (MGO), a compound with strong antimicrobial properties that can help fight bacteria and support wound healing. Manuka honey is also associated with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, making it a popular natural remedy for a variety of health issues, including allergies and digestive health.

Yes, we specifically formulated perfect yumsauce for picky eaters. This topper naturally contains an umami flavor that is irresistible to most dogs. If your dog won’t eat their current food, this may entice them to start gobbling it up.

Yes, the simple ingredients in yumsauce are widely acknowledged for their real health benefits. Not only does this topper taste amazing—but you can rest easy knowing the ingredients are linked in research studies to a longer lifespan!
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