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A variety of flavors for every dog.

.Perfect Dog Food Mix.

Easy DIY Mix

The easiest way to make your own homemade dog food. Give your dog a fresh food diet with new recipes every week.

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.Perfect Kibble.

Ready to serve

Yumwoof Perfect Kibble is a chewy, small batch dog food with 14 natural ingredients. Higher MCT and antioxidant content than any other dog food.

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.Perfect Probiotics.

.Food Topper.

$20 Off Probiotic Food Topper

Elevate your dog's health with a human grade probiotics blend that's uniquely crafted to fit Yumwoof food. Just mix it in!

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.Perfect Breath Mints.

10% Off Natural Dental Treats

Our superfood dental treats are an easy way to promote good dental health and fresh breath in your dog. Take a look at the ingredients!

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.Perfect Longevity Treats.

10% Off Natural Longevity Treats

Our superfood longevity treats are a fun way to promote higher metabolism and a healthy heart in your dog. Take a look at the ingredients!

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.Perfect Kibble.

.Beef (No Peas).

10% Off Perfect Kibble Beef

New recipe, no peas or legumes. Our soft and chewy Perfect Kibble is unlike any food your dog has ever tasted.

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